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  • Hoodie Bear

    Hoodie Bear
    Genuine "Flying Bears" Limited Edition 14 inch Teddy Bears wearing a custom pocket hoodie in the color of your choice.  
    Order for Personalised Teddy Bear$32.99
  • Funky Friends

    Funky Friends
    Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and more. Your Message on a cute Hoodie, Greeting Card, Friendship Rings Included
    Order for Personalised Teddy Bear$32.99
  • Top Teddy Bear

    Top Teddy Bear
    Big Big Hugs! Extra Large 21 inch Teddy Bear With Personalized Hoodie, Free Gift Card and Delivery!
    Order for Personalised Teddy Bear$49.99
  • Theme Animals

    Theme Animals
    Large 16" Hand Stuffed Plush Animals wearing costumes. Army, Marines, Navy, Surfers, Doctors, Nurses & more!
    Order for Personalised Teddy Bear$44.99
  • Sweater Bears

    Sweater Bears
    Genuine "Flying Bears" Limited Edition 14 inch Teddy Bears wearing a custom knitted sweater in the color of your choice.  
    Order for Personalised Teddy Bear$29.99
  • Budget Bears

    Budget Bears
    Personalized Jumper With Your Message. Includes Greeting Card Delivery - 14 inches from Head to Paw!
    Order for Personalised Teddy Bear$24.99

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Yellow flower with Teddy BearPersonalized Teddy Bear Valentines Day Gifts

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Give a Valentine's Day Gift They'll Cherish For Years To Come.

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Valentine's Day Teddy Bear

"Happy Valentine's Day!" "Be My Valentine!" 
We'll embroider just about any message you'd like!

Prices start from only $24.99!


ALL Orders Include Fast US Delivery....

(US delivery 3-5 days, 2-3 day rush is available at checkout, Canada delivery $6.99)


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The History of Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February the 14th by the majority of English speaking counties. It is a day when lovers exchange gifts. Personalized Teddy Bears have become a favorite Valentine’s Day Gift because they last for years, unlike flowers and chocolate.


The Holiday can be traced back to Roman times when the pagan festival Lupercalia was celebrate on the 15th of February and naked men whipped young maidens with goat skins in the hope that this action would increase their fertility

The Christian version of this holiday was named after St. Valentine, and has become synonymous with romance since the Middle Ages, when people exchanged messages of love. It has been suggested that Valentine was responsible for sending the first valentines message. Rumor has it that he fell in love with a young girl who had visited him when he was in jail, and he sent her a note signed "From Your Valentine".

Men traditionally spend twice as much as women on Valentines Gifts. Probably because they find it difficult to express their innermost feelings. Hence the traditional "off the shelf" Box of Chocolates and Red Roses. Personalized Teddy Bears make a cuddly connection with your loved one. You are able to personalize it with your feelings.  It can be a pet name, or a unique Valentine’s Day message like: Love You Lots Like Jelly Tots, Be My Valentine, I Love You More Than Anything!

...or something more intimate -- the choice is yours!

Christmas Teddy Bears

Christmas Teddy Bears
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Client Review

We are delighted with our ninth bear and impressed with the two-coloured lettering of ENGLAND and THE ASHES. How quickly she was made and delivered. We also appreciate your phone call to tell us she was on the way. Thank you very much.

Long live Funky Bears! ... Read more..

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