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  • Hoodie Bear

    Hoodie Bear

    The Original "Funky Bear" wearing custom knitted hoodies.  

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  • Funky Friends

    Funky Friends
    Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and more. Your Message on a cute Hoodie, Greeting Card, Friendship Rings Included
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  • Top Teddy Bear

    Top Teddy Bear
    Big Big Hugs! Extra Large 21 inch Teddy Bear With Personalized Hoodie, Free Gift Card and Delivery!
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  • Theme Animals

    Theme Animals
    Large 16" Hand Stuffed Plush Animals wearing costumes. Army, Marines, Navy, Surfers, Doctors, Nurses & more!
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  • Sweater Bears

    Sweater Bears
    Genuine "Flying Bears" Limited Edition 14 inch Teddy Bears wearing a custom knitted sweater in the color of your choice.  
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  • Budget Bears

    Budget Bears
    Personalized Jumper With Your Message. Includes Greeting Card Delivery - 14 inches from Head to Paw!
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Yellow flower with Teddy BearPersonalized Teddy Bear Gifts for Valentines

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Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.  Voltaire 

If you are stumped on what to buy your valentine this year then look no further. Our Personalized Teddy Bear Gifts will make the Perfect lasting Valentine’s Day Gift that will show your partner how much you care for them. All we ask you is to think of the exact message you would like to be delivered to your partner and leave the rest to us 

It's so easy...

1.     YOU choose a Teddy Bear that YOU know your partner will love

2.     Tell what Personalized Message Your Partner would love to hear

3.     We will embroider the Special Valentine’s Day message on the Teddy Bears Jumper

4.     YOU then select a Valentines Greetings Card

5.     YOU  tell us the  Valentine Day message to be printed on the card

6.     YOUR Personalized Teddy Bear Gift will be despatched – A Complete Valentine’s Day Gift 

I've fallen in love many times... always with you

The choice of message is yours, leave the rest to us

  • All our Teddy Bears are Cute Cuddly and stuffed with love
  • You can have any Valentine’s message You wish
  • We will send a personalized Valentine’s Day card
  • We offer fast US Delivery

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Honoré de Balzac the great French writer said that Love is the poetry of the senses

Valentine’s Day Facts

Some say Valentine’s Day originates from the Roman festival of Lupercalia.

Pope Gelasius made February the 14th Valentine’s Day in 498.

Valentine greetings can be traced back to the middle ages but written Valentines messages appeared in 1400.

The first supposedly sent by 1415 by Charles, the Duke of Orleans, to his wife.

The French reckon the word Valentine is a derivative of their word ‘galantine’.

The Mother of Valentine Esther A. Howland produced the first Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards in the 1840’s.

Chaucer was purportedly the first person to link romance with St.Valentine’s Day.

It’s is estimated that Valentine’s Day cards make up 20% of annual greetings card sales.

William Shakespeare mentions Valentine’s Day in Ophelia.

Samuel Pepys described the Valentine he received from his wife, in his diary.

It was widely rumoured that if a woman saw a Robin on Valentine’s Day she would marry a sailor.

Children used to dress as adults on Valentine’s Day.

The Bugs Moran Gang became famous after the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

Valentine’s Day in the United States generates $14 Billion in commerce.

Celebrations take place all over the world on Valentine's Day. 

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